I've enjoyed craft beer for decades, long, long before it became fashionable. Having traveled the world for work and leisure, I've had the rare opportunity to visit 351 breweries and brewpubs, in 39 US states and 23 countries. From CT to AK, Antwerp to Singapore to Mumbai, its been a lot of fun. 

This links takes you to a blog where - over time - all previous and new beer-related articles and comments will appear. I also track beers I taste, since 1997. Originally using the Notion database on the Apple Newton, then FileMaker for Palm, and now FileMaker Go for iOS: 9,886 as of June 2018!

Beer is a Hobby

Brewing beer is fun hobby as we homebrewers know. However, once you cross that line and become a real brewery, you are a business, with a host of regulatory obligations.

As an environmental and safety professional with decades of experience, I can help with your compliance and permitting.

Help is Available

port · man · teau
noun. a word blending the sounds and combining the meanings of two others 

Beer + Terrific = Beeriffic